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Find the Perfect Wholesale Swarovski Crystal Beats to Buy in Bulk for Your Next Project

The drive and desire to create new things where nothing existed before is a huge part of being human. That drive is the root of all art, after all. It's why we can go back thousands of years and discover cave paintings created with the only real tools ... read more

Easily Purchase Reasonably Priced Swarovski Crystal Bracelets Online at Wholesale with CrystalKing

Clothing, like fashion in general, is all about making the desired impression or achieving a certain look based on a particular style. The beauty in this pursuit is the truly endless amount of variation possible. Ultimately, one's own creativity is ... read more

Where to Find Inspiration for Crystal Projects When You Buy Swarovski Crystals Online

Elegance, beauty, and innovation are all words that come to mind when people think of the Swarovski brand. Options abound, from simple yet high-quality beads to fancy stones and pendants. It doesn’t matter whether you already have something in mind or ... read more

Finding the Best Quality Beads Possible When Looking to Buy Crystals Online

When you shop online, you’ll find many sources offering crystal beads. However, it’s no secret that not all crystals are created equal. What looks like a great quality bead in a picture on a shop page can often turn up in the post looking much ... read more

For Artistic Projects and Decorating, Explore CrystalKing to Buy Swarovski Crystals in Bulk

If you’re unfamiliar with Swarovski crystals, they’re not natural crystals. Instead, they’re made of the finest crystal glass manufactured by the Swarovski company in Austria. They are renowned for their beauty and offer positivity and joy ... read more

CrystalKing Offers Genuine Swarovski Crystals at Wholesale Prices in Sydney

What makes Swarovski crystals so unique is that they’re human-made stones that have a natural look and feel. In 1892, Daniel Swarovski invented a revolutionary electric cutting machine that used hydro-electricity to produce crystals and stones ... read more

The Best Wholesale Suppliers in Sydney for Bulk Crystal Beads

If you have ambitions to start a business and possess a creative flair and an eye for design, you might be interested in opening a jewellery shop. People have adored jewellery for millennia, and the industry doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of ... read more

Qualities to Look for in Wholesale Swarovski Crystal Suppliers

Ensuring business success in the Jewellery industry is far from straightforward, especially now that a significant portion of Australians are wary of spending too much cash. Ever since the global crisis, people have been saving money more ... read more

Why Should You Buy Wholesale Crystals in Sydney, Australia?

We'd all like to make a little extra cash on the side, but we barely have enough free time to relax as it is. We work at least eight hours a day, five or more days a week, and we only have a few weeks off a year to enjoy holidays with the family ... read more

Buy Swarovski Flatback Crystal Beads Wholesale in Australia

Sometimes, life can start to feel like a bit of a rut, especially if you've been working for the same employer for decades. You might be bored of the repetitive habit of waking up at the same time every time, heading off to work until the evening ... read more

Want to Buy Swarovski Stones Wholesale? These Genuine Crystals Are Imported Directly from Austria

Thanks to Daniel Swarovski, inventor of a revolutionary glass cutting machine during the 1890s, we’ve had access to stunning, human-made stones known as Swarovski crystals. These crystals, used for everything from jewellery-making to the decoration ... read more

Here’s Where to Find the Lowest Wholesale Prices on Swarovski Flatback Crystals and Rhinestones

Swarovski flatback crystals are the best stones to use for art projects and decorating. They’re often used to decorate costumes, clothing, and other accessories such as smartphones, handbags, and belts. The flatback cut makes them easier to glue ... read more

Gain Great Benefits by Shopping Wholesale for Loose Swarovski Crystals and Stones

There’s no wrong way to use Swarovski crystals, whether they’re the centrepiece of a project or used for a little extra sparkle. The brand’s range of loose stones is perfect for crafters of all types. However, with the brand’s excellent reputation and ... read more

Crafting Stunning Apparel, Accessories and More with Swarovski Sew on Crystals and Stones

If you want to add a little dazzle to your wardrobe, Swarovski have you covered! Their range of sew on stones is the perfect way to adorn everything from your favourite clothing items to handbags, shoes, scarves and much more. We’re in love ... read more

Buy Your Flat Back Swarovski Crystals and Rhinestones in Bulk and Save Time, Money, and Effort

Since time immemorial, we've been admiring gems for their visual beauty and an innate appeal. There is nothing quite as eye-catching as the glint of a precious stone. For that reason, clothing studded with gems has been a stunning example of ... read more

Create Elegant Dresses for Dance Costumes When You Can Purchase Swarovski Crystals Online

Creating new garments with your own hands is an incredibly rewarding pastime, whether you do it for fun or as part of a job. It is often, even more, fun when you're designing costumes meant for use on the stage or as a part of a dance ... read more